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Terms and Conditions

Rights and conditions for TalkSMS membership

TalkSMS is a subscription service. This means that you are a member until you decide to end the membership by sending TALK STOP to +4560991000.

Mutual Smart SMS agreement
By signing up for a TalkSMS account, you confirm that you accept the mutual agreement for Smart SMS services.

You will find the prices on this page.

Unused messages
Unused messages of your daily quota are not transferred to the next day.

Delivery of messages
TalkSMS uses ViaNett as our supplier. This means that you have access to ViaNett's worldwide coverage. We cannot guarantee the delivery of all messages. You may have entered the wrong phone number. Sometimes there are technical problems, and for example in countries where few messages are sent we do not always know if the quality is what you are used to. It may also be the case that you have tried to send a message to a mobile operator that is not supported.

You also have obligations
In order to make TalkSMS a good service for all members, it is very important that harassing or insulting messages are not sent. Remember that in other countries there might be different perceptions as to what constitutes "good behaviour". Sending spam is strictly prohibited.
Compared to the cost of SMS, the service has a very low price, especially for countries to where it is normally very expensive to send messages. Therefore, you  cannot send SMS using software that can use the service to its maximum every day.

It is your account, and it is personal
The account belongs to you personally, and you cannot let others use it. If this happens, you take advantage of the low prices we offer, in a manner that is detrimental to the entire service.

You can only use the account for personal purposes
If you need an account for business use, advertising or other commercial purposes, we suggest that you contact ViaNett instead. You are not allowed to use your TalkSMS account for such purposes.

We can block your account
If we discover that you send content that we cannot endorse or if you in other ways exploit or misuse the service in a way that conflicts with the fact that TalkSMS is a useful service to many members, we will block your account without prior notice. In such cases we have a right not to pay you anything back, and you do not in any way have a right to compensation from us.

We can block a country or a mobile operator so that you cannot send messages
The prices of SMS may change very quickly. Sometimes the price of messages to some recipients can change in just a few minutes. That is how it is when you are a member of a service that allows you to send messages wherever you want. We therefore have to make reservations, considering the fact that the service is so much more wide-reaching than you are used to. We can therefore block a mobile operator without prior notice.

All messages are logged
If you have questions for us or experience problems sending messages where you want, we can help you. Therefore, all messages are logged. If we did not do this, we would not have been able to help you locate errors. This is also done for safety reasons, so that we can be sure that you get what you paid for. We also have an obligation of confidentiality, and we do not keep information for a longer period than what is permitted according to laws and regulations. We do not share information about your phone number or the contents of your messages unless we are obliged to do so. However, we can check the logs, for instance if we receive a complaint from a recipient or for example from the mobile operator in another country.

Do you want to end your membership?
The payment subscription can be stopped by sending TALK STOP from your mobile phone to +4560991000 in other countries. You will not receive any billing messages, but your account and your contact register will not be deleted, and you will still receive free information from TalkSMS. 

If you want to delete your account entirely, you can send TALK STOPALL from your mobile phone to +4560991000.

Credit card payment conditions

By paying with your credit card you initiate a subscription service. Your credit card will be charged every 30 days until the subscription is stopped, to ensure that you do not run out of SMS credits. For the first week, you will only be charged EUR 1, after which the prices displayed on the payment screen during payment will apply.

Upon initial payment, a receipt will be sent to the e-mail address registered on the TalkSMS account.

If there is not enough funds on the credit card when a transaction is attempted, a new attempt will be made the following day.

If you want to stop the payment subscription, please send an e-mail to TalkSMS support at In cases where the credit card has expired, please first contact TalkSMS support to stop the subscription, and initiate a new subscription from the account page.

Do you need help?
Send an e-mail to (please remember to include in your mail the phone number your account is registered with), or call the helpline on +4791748750.

We will do our utmost to make you satisfied!


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