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Mutual agreement for Smart SMS services

The services, and are provided by Smart SMS AS.

By signing up for an account at, and/or, you accept that your profile information, including your country, your alias, your latest activities and other relevant information, is made available for other users of our services according to the privacy settings you have specified on your account. In the event of legal action or other circumstances, we may disclose information and content published on your account to relevant parties.

You are responsible for all content you publish on your account, and you have an obligation to ensure that harassing or insulting content, and content that may harm the goodwill and reputation of SmartSMS and its services, is not published. If we discover content or behaviour that is in breach of this agreement, we have the right to remove the offending content, and to block your access to the services without any notice and without any refunds given for any remaining credits. If necessary we may take legal action. We also reserve the right to remove any content and block your account without prior notice and without any reason specified.

You accept that we do not have any responsibility for the use of information on your account available to other users, nor do we have any responsibility for the information available to you on the accounts of other users.

The service is provided as is, and you use it at your own risk. We make reservations for any errors that may occur in the service.

The TalkSMS and the smallSMS services are web portals for sending SMS. Use of third-party applications, or automated use of these sites, is strictly prohibited. Abuse of the service may result in immediate blocking of your account. For this kind of usage, please use, which is made for this purpose.

Smart SMS AS is free to change the terms of this agreement without prior notice. By using the service, you confirm that you accept the latest version of this agreement.

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