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What is TalkSMS?
TalkSMS is a service which allows you to send SMS from the web to people worldwide. The price per message remains the same regardless of where in the world you send messages to. Messages you send will have your phone number as the sender address.

TalkSMS offers two different types of payment.

If you have a mobile phone in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Latvia, you will pay by receiving a weekly billing message on your phone. For this, you will be given 30 SMS per day.

For all countries it is possible to pay using a credit card. Payment is initiated from the account page. You may choose the number of SMS per day you want (from 5 to 200), and you will only be charged EUR 1 for the first week. More detailed information can be found on the account page.

Terms and conditions
In order to become a user of TalkSMS, you need to register an account (click on the "New user" link at the top of this page) and accept our terms and conditions, and our prices.

TalkSMS is owned by SQLExpert AS.

SQLExpert AS
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Tel: +4791748750

Fiscal number: 987 333 731

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